The Best Boutiques for Vintage Lovers in Munich

The Best Boutiques for Vintage Lovers in Munich
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Passionate vintage shoppers, who are accustomed to the selection from London or Berlin, have made it a bit difficult in Munich to search for and find second-hand stores and vintage stores. But there are some fine addresses to remember for the next treasure hunt.

The best vintage & second hand stores in Munich


A small vintage & second hand shop where you can discover real designer bargains, such as vintage jacket from Designer clothing in Munich is also often very expensive in second hand. At Gabin, the prices are fair. My Best Buy so far? A white shirt dress by Céline for 125 euros.

Secret Sale

If you want to buy a Kelly bag or a Tom Ford dress cheaper, here is exactly the right place. The prices are salted, for this you can shop at secret sale designer parts from the current season cheaper, such as a Dionysus bag from Gucci, which I discovered on the same day in the shop window on the Maximilianstrasse and then at secret sale. The goods are extremely high quality and in good condition. Tip: Check opening hours in advance on the Facebookpage.


Purely visually a second-hand shop, as it would be painted in a children’s book:Dresses from all the decades, Levi’s jeans, cowboy boots, leather jackets – all lovingly draped and in the typical “vintage store” look ambience of typewriters, old suitcases, Wooden crates and anger hosted signs. This is known from stores in the capital, such as “Made in Berlin”, “Colours” and “garage”. No coincidence: The shops are all part of a company.

At PICKnWEIGHT all garments are sorted with color points in price categories, paid according to Kilo. Red marked items like jeans or leather jackets cost 25 euros per kilo, lighter fabrics 85 euro (blue marked). Exercise in the mind calculation is helpful, otherwise you get bogged down quickly.

Cat with a hat

From the sailor’s shirt to mink jackets to dirndl from the 40s or baseball jackets from the 80s: With Cat with a hat, the focus is not on designer Ware from last season, but really on the original character of vintage boutiques: rather Flea Market instead of luxury boutique. Here you can browse through the fashion of several decades and, with good luck, grab a favourite piece with a personal touch.

Vintage Love

The perhaps glamorous vintage store in Munich: The boutique is equipped with evening and cocktail dresses from the 50s to the 70s, and from the middle of the year Dirndls are added. All originals, gathered from all over the world, so no “retro look”, but really vintage in the best sense of the word. He is led by owner Inge Grandl and her daughter Dominique. Perfect for a fashionable time travel or an evening gown that no one else has guaranteed. My Best Buy:the belts. There is a great choice for every style, from glamorous, wide waist belts with XL Gold buckle, riveting classics to models with Western buckle.

Be Gipsy

In August and September clearly the Tracht paradise, here there is a gigantic selection of second-hand girls. Otherwise, colourful hippie dresses and jewelry in Boho style dominate, mixed with designer accessories like sunglasses from Chanel or Jimmy Choo shoes. A friend described it aptly:”Here Buys (and sells) the Munich set.”