The New Boutique Jewelry Suarez in Oviedo (Overdose Nice Jewelry)

The New Boutique Jewelry Suarez in Oviedo (Overdose Nice Jewelry)
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I’m a big fan of Jewelry Suarez, which I love gemstones and jewelry, and I love to see the process of creating these unique pieces, just to follow this blog or my wedding blog, you know that. I had the lucky Jewelry Suarez has invited me to see their collections of jewelry for brides along with other bloggers on several occasions, the first and 3 years, you have to see how time passes, and every visit to Madrid and around her hand I keep absolutely great memories. So when I was invited to meet her this Tuesday new boutique in the English Court of Uría street Oviedo, there I went camera in hand not to lose detail and can tell you , if not, it is not the same. These pictures are just a small summary and for a change, I’m on several of them! I hope you like it. This past Tuesday I was invited to know the brand new Oviedo boutique of the well-known spanish brand jewelry suarez. And I could not help but taking a lot of photos to share them here with you!

And this below is the image that shows that between PuntoMom Saturday, Suarez Tuesday and recording a video for Gas Natural yesterday, took a week’s soiree in sarao having a great time , meeting people, aerating my serrano body and I get one smile. I’ve gone to pelu twice in a week (and, right in the pictures did not play, that would not be three,)), which took two manicurists in 7 days and this does not seem my life, go :). In the photos posing, among others, my dear Mary, with the talented Emma Baizán and Cari Lapique fantastic. Do not look natural elegance that has this woman:).

And here of precious jewels. I invite you walk through your website and see full screen (they are amazing), or if you live in a city with a jewelry boutique Suarez, you see them and you try them. There is no better way to see how special they are. The great necklace with aquamarines its art deco collection, that of the fourth photo, live, I assure you is like a magnet. There was no one stay away from him in the morning or in the store or in the evening at the cocktail :).


Have a great and fun weekend. I’ll pass this family and calm down, that car 9 hours of yesterday still feel them in the back. Soon I’ll tell you how it was PuntoMom and my collaboration with Natural Gas. Yes, this has been a really special week…