The Perfect Flat in Hong Kong Interior Designer Jenny-Lyn Hart

The Perfect Flat in Hong Kong Interior Designer Jenny-Lyn Hart
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I do not usually start paths perfect for the terrace houses, but there balconies and terraces. Of the attic known interior designer Jenny-Lyn Hart has in Hong Kong is not any one and of course, the views do not seem views either … That couple of chairs forging upholstered in yellow that could be overlooking a lavender field in any house of Provence, is around here artworks and design icons s.XX. The desk Ettore Sottsass used as a dining table or bulkhead metal triangular shapes that divides the living room and it is work, neither more nor less than the great Paco Rabanne, are just two small examples of the jewels live in this apartment. · I do not start showing a perfect usually home from the terrace, but this one overlooking the city of Hong Kong, owned by interior designer Jenny-Lyn Hart is worth making an exception. Please, enjoy each photo and pay attention to details in everyroom, specialy in the living are just below, with the Ettore Sottsass desk used as dining table and the piece of art Filled With triangles That hangs from the ceiling, signed Paco Rabanne.

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