The Sailor Pub Contest Crown New Miss Pin – Up in SP

The Sailor Pub Contest Crown New Miss Pin – Up in SP
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Last Saturday, May 14, The Sailor Pub, in Vila Olímpia, São Paulo, held another edition of your traditional Pin-Ups, contest in partnership with Aurora D’vine and Marilia Skraba, which made presentations burlesque during the night. Presented by Wallace Giuzio, the event also show Alex & Valenzi The Hideaway Cats, which stirred the intervals with a lot of rockabilly and rock ‘n’ roll of the ‘ 50.

In all, 18 candidates attended the event, with the first 12 were selected to join the next calendar from The Sailor Pub 2017. The Grand Champion of the evening was the model and actress Amanda Aguilar-Mandy Millicent, who took six nights all inclusive at the Hard Rock Cafe in Punta Cana or Mexico, a photo shoot Be a Bombshell, to be published in the universe retro, and awards a number of brands such as Inc, owner of the Sweet Sundae, Bruna Pepper and Trapézia.

Mandy Millicent in a classic look, inspired by the New Look of Dior; a red silk ball gown, acinturado and Princess neckline, white gloves with skin and hair stuck on Coke Classic. What was behind the scenes is that the style of the candidate we referred to the visual of Grace Kelly in 50 years; simple, sophisticated and delicate. “Be a pin up is to bring to our days the joy of that time, surprise people with this mixture of sweetness and power and charm without effort”, believes Amanda.

The second and third place were, respectively, with Alluvium Morello and Lady Fox (Bruna Safeco), which brought 500 and 400 R$ R$ cash + prizes. Among the other 9 contestants who will be on the calendar, names like: Red Maddox (Chandu Nunciatelli), CadyR (Renata Candido), Dracurella (Bianca Golvêa), FabiCherry (Fabiana Fabricius), HoneyMoon (Markrockson30 Quarry), Lamartine (Isis Lamartine), Miss Marine (Marine Kris), Sarah Amethyst and Cherry Candy (Youmna Fawaz).

The ranking was chosen according to the sum of the notes of the jury expert, which featured Jerry Peacock, makeup artist who won the Oscar of the makeup; Danielle Petrucci, a photographer who specializes in pin-ups, and Mirella Fonzar, journalist and editor of the universe and Retro blog and channel Miss de-lovely. “The level of pledges this year was really good. We had a gala parade and a swimwear then according to All the girls struggled enough to be as thorough as possible in visual, “Mirella.

Retro Universe Award

In honor of this year’s contestants, representing the above juice of Pin-ups, the Universe Retro decided to select some extra categories, to prove that even those who don’t won the first places, deserves due recognition in the vintage scene. Let’s see who made the list?

-Best Costume Design Gala: Candy R

Renata Candido, or Candy R, is a lawyer, singer and pin-up. She really understood the proposal of gala and costumes in a ball gown taffeta wine with roses and velvet stamped a black stole to cast off. Winner of the third place of the old-fashioned 2015 competition and former lead singer of rockabilly band Roberto Earthquake and Earthquakes, is a fan of classic pin-ups in the navy style, and is considered a vain woman, female and of good taste.

-Best Costume Design: Miss Beach Marine

The name Miss Marine came from the last name “marine environment” and is a tribute to the family of Faiz Mahdavi Saldanha. Owner of thrift store (Bizarre thrift store), loves to mix vintage with pieces. In your style brings rockabilly and psychobilly references. To the beach, look in glasses with flamingo and Palm tree, a flower in her hair and a flamingo in float format.

-Award: FabiCherry

Pin-Up model and banking, Fabiana Fabricio’s mother and takes on the face of Miss the sweetness of the time, but also believes having the boldness and determination of the real Pin-Up Girls. For swimwear, she bet a look as well, with a starfish in her hair, a ladle and many pearls. Already participated in another edition of the contest Miss The Sailor and print April calendar Pin-Ups of the universe.

– Miss Congeniality: Miss Vanilla Flakes

Miss Vanilla Flakes, or Ingrid Missio, came from inside to shine in the big city, with your charm and sweetness. In addition to pin-up style lover, loves the golden age of Hollywood and the stars Ingrid Bergman and Betty Grable. Also loves country, rockabilly, psychobilly and jazz. No saved smiles during his appearances on and off the stage of The Sailor.

-Originality Award: Dracurella

Fascinated by horror films A and B side of 20 to 50 years, Dracurella is the alias of Sajith Idalgo, who devised and produced the entire look of your gala for the contest. In love with the universe vintage, is a blogger, fashion design student and has just launched a brand specialized in retro impressions. Already made presentations clownish and worked with antiquity. Print October calendar of Pin-Ups of the universe retro and has appeared in another edition of the contest Miss The Sailor.

-Best Hair: Red Maddox

Red Maddox is the alias of Dani Nunciatelli. Portuguese teacher and pin-up model PMM Group Brazil (Pink Mink Mafia) is a pin-up girl who loves music and everything related to decades of 1930 to 1960. Inspired by the cowgirls of Gil Elvgren, is passionate about western culture. Goldie Hill, Rose Maddox, Patsy Cline and Wanda Jackson are some examples of your inspiration! For the competition, he played a classic wavy hair, giving emphasis to their vibrant red streaks.