These Things from Your Handbag Find Men Totally Useless

These Things from Your Handbag Find Men Totally Useless
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Women and their handbags are inseparable and intimate. But if you really look for something in it and need it urgently, it has dissolved in air! Where is the cell phone? Most likely it is between the 10 things each woman has in her handbag and every man finds more than useless. 

What you can find in a dament bag! Men wonder why the pockets of their sweethearts are always so large, but the contents seem so insignificant. We women, on the other hand, think that we are prepared for every situation and are well prepared! To see what objects are, which men find particularly nonsensical shows you! 

1. Empty handkerchief pack – empty and for nothing more to use. Why she is still in the any women’s handbag knows no one and certainly no man!

2. Compounded slips which ensure that you do not check your account balance until your next salary.

3. A few copper-plated cents that will never make it back into your purse from the bottom of your handbag.

4. A tampon whose vintage packaging is half-torn and whose use is more than questionable.

5. These small black haircups. Of it are felt 1000 in the handbag, but when woman needs which, they are all gone!

6. A lipstick or a lip balm. Nothing goes over well-groomed lips! That must be in every  vintage handbag! How often such a lipstick is used does nothing to the point.

7. A handkerchief from which you can not tell whether it is clean or used and you still put it back into your bag, since there is nowhere to be found a trash can.

8. A coffee stamp card. Of these, women also have ten pieces and on each of these cards is only a single stamp. But the hope dies last, that you will have a card full at some point and then finally get a free coffee !!!

9. A hand cream that has a biting sweet scent from a mix of strawberry, almond, coconut and apricot. You have it in your pocket, because you want to be the kind of woman who always has a hand cream.

10. Headphones. They love to love the things listed above and until you have completely untangled your headphones, let it be the same and listen to the male sex, why he finds these 10 things from a women’s handbag totally useless. Damn you, her damn headphones!