They Retrieve The File of Costica Acsinte and Jane Long Turns in Vintage Photos

They Retrieve The File of Costica Acsinte and Jane Long Turns in Vintage Photos
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This is a post that, thanks to Petapixel, It gives us the opportunity to meet two photographers. On the one hand to the Romanian Costică Acsinte, which an exceptional legacy of his country left in the 20th century, whose files amounting to approximately 5000 negatives were recently restored by Cezar Popescu, something that we will see in the video that I share later.

Leaving this legacy to light, photographer Jane Long, through his mastery for photo retouching, has managed that some of those images have been updated to the vintage way that I like so much in modern times. Some images in color, great beauty and fantasy that will make that many enjoy as much or more than with the original copies.

We start first by the work of recovery of the legacy of Costică Acsinte, which has been meticulously restored by Cezar Popescu, which must thank us to us an idea of how was the life in Romania after World War I and until the 1980s, primarily through portraits of the society in which also had room for popular types.

The file, which can be seen online thanks to a web page and Flickr, has made that the public has access to that material, as in the case of photographer Jane Long, who has moved some of these photographs to his imaginary.

And it is that if you analizáis the compositions of this artist, the homegrown, you will see that the Romanian photographer have been taken to their land. You can see it in Dancing with Costica. A tribute to him whose images have been treated with utmost respect.

Looking at him with our curious eyes, all this is a way to get to the history of photography from a current perspective, and at the same time closer to two very different photographers in principle who have made a “joint work” with the passing of the years and the technology of through. Do not fail to see both files, above all other works of the photographer Jane Long.

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