Three-Generation Trip to Cuba

Three-Generation Trip to Cuba

This three-generation trip combines Cuba’s exciting culture with relaxation on one of the country’s most beautiful beaches. The trip offers experiences for all ages and is a perfect trip when you want to travel and socialize across generational boundaries.

According to localbusinessexplorer, Cuba is like a time bubble. Sometimes you feel as if you traveled 60 years back in time. You are enchanted by the so special atmosphere that prevails here from the moment you set foot on Cuban soil. The journey begins in Havana – the city that simmers with nostalgia with its old, beautiful houses and classic cars on the roads.

After Havana, the journey continues to yet another world, namely the small village of Viñales, located in the Piñar del Rio region of western Cuba. The tempo is screwed down a bit in Viñales, which is surrounded by limestone cliffs and tobacco plantations. Here you get to experience horse-drawn carriages on the roads and fields that are plowed in the old-fashioned way. Enjoy a few relaxing days and go exploring in the beautiful nature that surrounds the city in all directions – take the opportunity to visit one of the local tobacco factories.

One should definitely not miss a visit to Trinidad, which is on the UNESCO World Heritage List. The city is imbued with soul and romance, and just walking around the beautiful cobbled streets is an experience in itself. To make the visit to Trinidad a little extra special, it is suggested that you stay at a “Casa Particular”. In this way you get close to the locals and the culture and way of life in Cuba. Here in Trinidad, a guided tour of the historic city center is also included.

The last stop on your family trip is Varadero on the north coast. Here are some of the country’s most beautiful beaches and you stay comfortably in hotels with All Inclusive. The days here are completely on your own so maybe you make a discovery trip in the area or just use the time to simply relax on a beautiful Caribbean beach.

Day 1: Departure from Sweden and arrival in Havana

Today there is both departure from Sweden and arrival in Cuba, this when you fly “counterclockwise” on the way here. Arrival in Cuba usually takes place in the late afternoon, but this can vary greatly depending on which airline you travel with. Upon arrival at Havana Airport, a driver will meet you and drive you to your hotel in central Havana. The rest of the day is at your own disposal.

Day 2: Tour of Old Havana

The day begins with a guided tour of the old districts, where you get to experience some of the most popular sights and at the same time create an image of the great contrasts between the different districts. Cuba has an exciting history, which you will also learn more about on this tour. The rest of the day is spent on your own. ( F )

Day 3: Havana on your own

This day is completely on its own. You can walk along the Malecón, return to the old town and visit La Floridita – Ernest Hemingway’s ancient site – or learn more about Cuba’s history at the Museum of the Revolution. ( F )

Day 4: Havana to Viñales

After breakfast, a transfer has been arranged for you from Havana to Viñales, located in western Cuba, in the province of Piñar del Rio. The trip there takes about three to four hours. ( F )

Day 5: Viñales on your own

Viñales is a nice little village where time stands almost still. Here the fields are still plowed in the old, good way, and it is not uncommon to see horse-drawn carriages driving around on the roads. This day is spent at your own discretion, and it is ideal for taking a bike ride or walk around the area to, among other things, experience the tobacco fields that surround the city. It is also recommended to visit the unique limestone cliffs scattered throughout the Viñales Valley. ( F )

Day 6: Viñales to Trinidad

You do not really get around a visit to Trinidad when you visit Cuba. This beautiful, romantic city is a must on all trips here, and this trip is of course no exception. After breakfast you will be picked up and driven the six to seven hours it takes to get from Viñales to Trinidad. In order for you to have that “authentic, Cuban experience”, overnight stays are arranged at a casa particular for you in Trinidad. These consist of locals who rent out one or more rooms in their own houses, which you can stay in during your stay. It is usually not possible for the whole family to live together in the same casa particular, but in Trinidad they are relatively close to each other, which means that the whole family can live fairly close to each other. The rest of the day you spend on your own in Trinidad. ( F )

Day 7: Guided tour in Trinidad

The day begins with a guided tour of Trinidad, where you will hear more about the city’s fascinating history. You pass the Plaza Mayor and visit the Museo Romántico. However, this does not include the entrance fee. When you are still out on the town with your guide, do not forget to taste the local drink Canchanchara.

Day 8: Trinidad on your own

Today you get to experience Trinidad on your own. If you have not had enough of the city’s charming core, you can return here, or you can head out to Playa Ancon, which is a short drive from the city.

Day 9: Trinidad to Varadero

Say “Goodbye” to historic Trinidad and steer the cow towards the beach holiday. Today, the journey continues north to the beach town of Varadero, which is your last stop on the trip. Here you spend the last four nights in an all-inclusive facility. The trip here takes about four hours. (all inclusive)

Day 10-12: Varadero on your own

The last time during your trip is free from planned events, so you are completely free to do what you want during your time in Varadero. You can go exploring in the area, take advantage of the facility’s facilities or relax on a beautiful, Caribbean beach and recharge your batteries before everyday life takes over again. (all inclusive)

Day 13: Varadero to Havana airport and return

It’s time to say “goodbye” to beautiful Cuba. After breakfast, you drive from the facility in Varadero to the airport in Havana in good time to make time for check-in and do everything else practically before you steer the cow home again. ( F )

Day 14: Return to Sweden

You arrive home to Sweden after a wonderful holiday in Cuba.

Overnight stays

Five nights in a hotel
Three nights in a Casa Particular – no meals
Four nights in a hotel with All Inclusive

Three-Generation Trip to Cuba

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