Three-Generation Trip to Mexico

Three-Generation Trip to Mexico

Is there someone who fills evenly and should celebrate with a trip with the family? Or just want to spend a little more quality time together across generations? Take a look at our travel proposal below to beautiful Mexico with experiences, relaxation and cozy hotels in a wonderful mix. See proexchangerates for Mexico public policy.

On the Yucatan Peninsula, great experiences await for all ages without having to spend many hours on transportation. With a little planning, you get a nice holiday with room for both experiences and relaxation. Mexico is both travel and child friendly and we Swedes who love Friday coziness with tacos have come to heaven!

The journey starts with arrival at Cancun Airport where you meet and drive on to Valladolid where you stay for three nights. Valladolid is the Yucatan Peninsula’s third largest city with lots of charm, cozy squares and good restaurants with delicious food and good atmosphere.

After some wonderful days here, it’s time to head for the Caribbean coast, also known as the Riviera Maya. Before you reach it, make an excursion to Chichen Itza, one of the most beautiful and well-preserved Mayan ruins here on the Yucatan Peninsula. The day ends at your hotel in Tulum which is located down by the beach and is your home for the next four nights.

From Tulum you go further up the coast to Playa del Carmen which sets the framework for the last part of your family trip. Here there is a little more life and movement with restaurants, bars, cafes and shops. Here it is also close to fun experiences and excursions.

Day 1: Departure from Scandinavia and arrival in Valladolid

You travel from Scandinavia and arrive in Cancun the same day. Time depends on which airline you have chosen to travel with. You will meet on arrival and drive to Valladolid where you will stay centrally in the city for the next three nights.

Day 2: On an adventure in Valladolid

Valladolid is the third largest city on the Yucatan Peninsula and is known for its quiet streets and pastel-colored walls. It is well worth spending a few days here which despite its rather small size offers many attractions both inside the city and outside. We recommend an excursion to the archeological excavation of the Mayan area of ​​Ek ‘Balam about 30 kilometers outside Valladolid or a visit to the ancient fort Templo de San Bernadino. ( F )

Day 3: Valladolid to Chichen Itza

Today you set course for one of the Yucatan Peninsula’s biggest attractions; Chichen Itza. This very well-preserved Mayan ruin is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a very popular excursion destination with up to 4,000 visitors per day in high season. The excursion includes lunch and an English-speaking local guide, remember to bring plenty of water to drink as it can get very hot when walking around the temple area. You will then spend the night not far from the rear entrance to Chichen Itza and can enjoy a dip in the pool in the afternoon and have a view of the Chichen Itza itself from the hotel. ( F , L )

Day 4: Chichen Itza to Tulum

Today you go on to the Riviera Maya and check in at your hotel in Tulum where you stay for four nights. ( F )

Day 5-7: Relaxation, beach holiday and ruins in Tulum

Tulum is a small town on the Caribbean coast of Mexico and is a bit of a must when traveling in Mexico. The center of Tulum is concentrated a bit from the sea up on the main street where you will also find many restaurants. Your hotel is located in a little calmer and more scenic surroundings near the beautiful, white beach. The stay here also includes an excursion to the Cobá Pyramids which is another area of ​​well-preserved Mayan ruins. You can also rent bicycles to get around the temple area more easily if you want. NOTE – the trip to Cobá only takes place on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. The rest of the days in Tulum are on your own and if you feel like visiting the Mayan ruins in Tulum which are some of the most beautiful in Mexico and located right by the sea. Here you can also rent bicycles and enjoy the surroundings from the bicycle saddle. ( F )

Day 8: From Tulum to Playa del Carmen

From Tulum you drive about 1 hour further up the coast to Playa del Carmen. You now live in Playa del Carmen for five nights and have the time here on your own. ( F )

Day 9-12: Beach holiday in Playa del Carmen

Playa del Carmen – or Playa as the city is also called – is located in the middle of the Caribbean coast. The city is well visited all year round as it adds many cruise ships here. Living in Playa is easy and comfortable. There are shops, restaurants, cafes and bars so you will always find something that suits the whole party. Huvudgatan 5 Avenida is very well visited but you only need to walk a few blocks to the side to enter Playa’s quiet and rarely visited areas. The time here is on its own. Enjoy beach life, make an excursion to Akumal where you can snorkel among the sea turtles or visit Xel-Há Park, a very family-friendly place with a focus on underwater life. ( F )

Day 13: Return to Scandinavia

It’s time to say “hasta la vista” to Mexico and start the journey home again. You will be picked up at the hotel and driven to the airport in Cancun.

Day 14: Return to Scandinavia

Overnight stays

Twelve nights op hotel

Three-Generation Trip to Mexico

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