Tour of Texas

Tour Texas: the Lone Star State

In what state is everything bigger than anywhere else? Into Texas! A tour of Texas is very popular, partly due to the vastness and impressive nature reserves in the state. It is the second largest state in the US after Alaska and is located in the far south. Texas borders the states of Louisiana, New Mexico, Arkansas, Oklahoma, and the country of Mexico. Get ready for a tour full of natural beauty, mixed cultures and unforgettable experiences!

What you can’t skip during your Texas vacation:

According to smber, the state of Texas is the same size as Spain and France combined. Nevertheless, you can see the highlights of this state in a few days. From a visit to the NASA Space Center, a real ranch to a taste of Tex-Mex, a tour of Texas covers it all.

  • A ranch in Texas– you haven’t been to Texas without seeing it! Don’t miss out on horseback riding.
  • NASA Space Center– is one of the tourist attractions in the city of Houston and is known for saying: ‘Houston, we have a problem’.
  • Tex-Mex– a must-try during a tour of Texas! Burritos, nachos, tacos…
  • Sixth Floor Museum– visited by hundreds of thousands of people every year, the site from where John F. Kennedy was shot.
  • Stockyards District– real cowboys at work, in Cowtown Fort Worth.
  • River Walk– in San Antonio, one of the nicest attractions. A footpath along the river, full of shops, restaurants and terraces. It’s called the Venice of the Wild West!


During your tour of Texas you will experience that the cities are bigger than anywhere else. About 22 million people live in the state, most of them in cities. Major cities that are definitely worth a stop during your tour are Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, San Antonio and the capital Austin. Austin is the place to be for art and culture enthusiasts. This city is full of the arts, film and music. The annual South by Southwest Festival in Austin is much loved and attracts thousands of visitors. The largest Capitol in America is also located in Austin, because everything is bigger in Texas!


Because of its vastness, Texas is home to many different landscapes and geographic regions. During your tour through Texas you will be amazed! The Gulf Coastal Plains to the south are covered with pine forests and extensive grasslands. The Great Plains in the center of the state consist of vast prairies and steppes where plants and animals can do their thing undisturbed. The grandeur of this area leaves an unforgettable impression! When you also visit the Basin and Range part during your tour, you will discover an enormously varied landscape. Deserts, mountains, sand hills, plateaus, valleys and wooded hills glide past you: nature lovers can indulge themselves here.

Sights that you should not miss on your tour of Texasa are the Rio Grande, Pecos, Colorado and Red River rivers. These raging rivers, along with thousands of other streams, cross the country and form impressive borders. Hill Country near Austin should also be on your list. This area turns into a colorful, fragrant sea of ​​flowers in spring. Chances are you’ll spot the bluebonnet, the state’s official flower. Furthermore, Big Bend National Park is a must-see during your tour. This wild nature reserve with deep canyons, rugged rocks and a wealth of wildlife makes your tour of Texas complete!


Texas’ checkered history has contributed to the state’s current culture. Especially in the south, many influences from Mexico can be found. In the kitchen, among other things, there is a mix between the two countries: during your tour through Texas you should definitely try a Tex-Mex dish! For a long time, cattle were the most important pillar of the economy, which is why cowboys are the image of Texas for many. Today, the state is more focused on engineering, knowledge, oil and aerospace, particularly in Houston. The diverse population includes whites, African Americans, Indians and Asians.


Roughly speaking, Texas has two climates. The largest part has a warm maritime climate with warm summers and mild winters. The west of the state has a warm steppe climate. It rains significantly less here than in the rest of Texas. Furthermore, it is colder in the north of the state than in the south near the Gulf of Mexico. In winter it usually snows in northern Texas, especially in the mountainous area. In the summer the weather is wonderful throughout the state: the temperature is between 25 and 35 degrees! Like Alabama, Texas has tornadoes, extreme thunderstorms and hurricanes, fortunately these are not frequent. The climate, which generally has no extremes, makes a tour of Texas possible all year round!

Tour of Texas

A tour of Texas has something to offer everyone. For lovers of art, culture, history, nature, tranquility and parties, Texas is the place to be! A popular route is from Austin to the Rio Grande. You start in Austin and go to Dallas, which has become part of Fort Worth. You continue the tour by driving to Houston and go through San Antonio to Big Bend National Park on the border with Mexico. Here you can also admire the impressive Rio Grande, which is usually the end point of the tour through Texas. You can choose to also discover the southwest of the state, a well-known stop on that route is the city of Amarillo. No matter how long your tour takes, you will never tire of the vast landscapes of Texas!

Tour of Texas

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