Travel to Norway

Travel to Norway

A small group of people stand on a flat rock slab 604 meters above sea level. Below them, the rock wall plunges vertically into the beautiful green fjord. The trip to the pulpit is worth all the effort and the Norwegians know how to appreciate the spectacular. This rich northern oil nation has an abundance of beautiful landscape scenes.

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Population: 5.2 million

Capital: Oslo

Language: Norwegian

the skis are a Norwegian invention? In Old Norse, the word “ski” means split wood.

Another Norwegian invention is the cheese planer that fits like a glove with meso cheese!


From the lookout point at the top of Holmenkollen’s famous ski jumping tower – Norway’s answer to the Eiffel Tower – there is a wonderful panoramic view down over Norway’s capital. More than 400 meters above sea level, the visitor notes two things: that ski jumping is a real adrenaline and anxiety kick and that Oslo is not a particularly large city. With its 575,000 inhabitants, the city stands out from other capitals. However, the flourishing prosperity enables new prestigious building projects, and the city’s great personalities such as Edvard Munch and Thor Heyerdahl have laid the foundation for some interesting exhibitions. At the Munch Museum, you can enjoy a magnificent collection of over 1,000 paintings, 5,000 small drawings and around 18,000 graphic drawings that the Norwegian artist genius bequeathed to the municipality of Oslo. At the Kon-Tiki Museum, it is possible to see documentary film recordings from the adventurer Heyerdahl’s expeditions. Norway’s previous history as a Viking nation can be experienced in the Viking Ship House, where you can watch Viking ships sailing all the way back to the 800s-900s. It can also be interesting to take the road past the interactive Nobel Peace Center – a tribute to the more than a hundred personalities who have won the prestigious Peace Prize since its inception.


South of Oslo, along Sörlandet’s archipelago coast and in the uplands, you can experience a washable summer idyll with white-painted wooden houses and small villages where visitors stroll around the cobbled pedestrian streets as the sun peeks out. From Norway’s fifth largest city Kristiansand, there are good excursion opportunities to the Archipelago, but you should also not forget to take in one of the area’s richest resources: fish. This is available in all forms at Fiskabrygga, the large fish bazaar.

Other attractions in Norway

A Norwegian holiday can be rounded off with a trip to the Viking land between Stavanger and Bergen on the east coast. Here you can make a wonderful hike up to the popular and breathtaking viewpoints on the Pulpit Rock and Kjeragbolten in the Lysefjord. Put on your hiking boots and continue the journey into the Norwegian heart to Gudbrandsdalen and the deep mountains with their old timber-built farms. Or to Fjordlandet with its deafening rapids and dizzying views of the deep fjords. Do not forget Trondheim, which in addition to its beautiful surroundings and a cheerful café life is also worth a visit for Nidaras Cathedral, an impressive church that first began to be built in 1070 but was not completed until several hundred years later, and is therefore also influenced by various architectural styles, among otherwise the Romanesque and Gothic.

Continue the journey far up north, go on a cruise along the Arctic Circle and island hopping along the north coast. See sperm whales outside Andenes or experience the fantastic northern lights in Tromsö. The North Cape is described as the end of the world, but Finnmark is also well worth a trip for the rock carvings at Alta – part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site. Here you can spend the night in an Igloo hotel – everything is made of ice and snow and the temperature is comfortable minus five degrees. Anyone who wants to get married can do this in the chapel and then quickly jump down under the sealskin. Norway has a lot to offer, not least nature experiences. With its 385,000 km2 area and just under 4.7 million inhabitants, there is plenty of space for everyone.

Climate and weather Norway

Here you can read about the climate and weather in Norway – see temperatures for Bergen, Oslo and Tromsø, among other places.

Daytime temperature 4 4 6 9 14 17 18 17 14 11 7 5
Night temperature 0 0 1 3 7 10 12 12 9 7 3 1
Precipitation (mm) 190 152 170 114 106 132 148 190 283 271 259 235
Daytime temperature -2 -1 4 9 16 20 22 20 15 9 3 0
Night temperature -7 -7 -3 1 7 11 12 11 8 4 -1 -6
Precipitation (mm) 49 36 47 41 53 65 81 89 90 84 73 55
Daytime temperature -2 -2 0 3 8 13 15 14 9 5 1 -1
Night temperature -7 -7 -5 -2 2 6 9 8 4 1 -3 -5
Precipitation (mm) 95 87 72 64 48 59 77 82 102 131 108 106

According to top-medical-schools, Norway’s climate is dominated by the warm North Atlantic current, which contributes to a very mild climate given the country’s northern location. Therefore, the average temperature of most coastal cities in winter is above freezing. Given all the mountains and altitude differences, it is not necessary to get that far into the country before the climate begins to become more continental with significantly lower temperatures.

Travel to Norway

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