Lincoln South Beltway

US 281 and 283 in Nebraska

US 281 in Nebraska

US 281
Get started Red Cloud
End Spencer
Length 224 mi
Length 360 km

Red Cloud


Grand Island

St. Paul


South Dakota

According to transporthint, US 281 is a US Highway in the US state of Nebraska. The road forms a north-south route through the east of the state, running from the Kansas border through Grand Island to the South Dakota border. Like most other north-south routes, this route is 360 kilometers long.

Travel directions

US 281 through the Sandhills.

South of the village of Red Cloud, US 281 in Kansas enters the state from Great Bend and then follows a route north through the grid pattern. In Red Cloud you cross the US 136. The road then runs through an endless agricultural area with few trees. The road occasionally jumps a little bit to the east. After about 60 kilometers you reach the town of Hastings, where the US 34 merges and the US 6 crosses. The US 34 and US 281 are then double-numbered over a distance of 30 kilometers. The road has also been developed as a 2×2 divided highway on this section . It does not take long before the Interstate 80crosses. On the south side of Grand Island, the road crosses the Platte River and exits US 34 east. Shortly afterwards you cross the US 30.

US 281 then begins a long route to the north, more or less forming the boundary between the more or less populated eastern part of the state with much agriculture and the inhospitable center of the state with the Sand Hills. Now and then you pass through a village, but they are usually quite far apart. It also occasionally crosses an east-west state route, but the next intersection with a US Highway is 180 kilometers north, in the village of O’Neill. One passes through the eastern foothills of the Sand Hills, a sparsely populated area with small low hills. In O’Neill, one intersects US 20, the state’s northern east-west route. The border with South Dakota follows about 60 kilometers after that. US 281 in South Dakotathen continue walking towards places like Huron and Aberdeen.


US 281 was added to the network in 1932, and then consisted of two separate routes, neither of which passed through Nebraska. In 1933, the northern section was extended from South Dakota into Kansas, creating the route through Nebraska. US 281 is a fairly important north-south route in Nebraska, as it serves the larger city of Grand Island and also leads to one of the few crossings of the Missouri River just over the border in South Dakota. In 2001, the widening of US 281 between Hastings and Grand Island was completed. This was one of the projects of the 1988 expressway plan.

US 281’s bridge over the Niobrara River was destroyed by flooding in March 2019. This resulted in a 200 kilometer detour route to get to the other side. A temporary bridge opened on July 30, 2019, after which a permanent bridge was built, which was opened on October 22, 2020.

Traffic intensities

The road is fairly quiet, with increasing intensities from the border with Kansas from about 800 to 9,000 for Grand Island on the 2×2 section. Further north, the intensities drop to below a thousand vehicles per day. Only 740 vehicles cross the border into South Dakota every day.

US 283 in Nebraska

US 283
Get started Beaver City
End Lexington
Length 59 mi
Length 95 km



According to travelationary, US 283 is a US Highway in the US state of Nebraska. The road forms a north-south route in the central south of the state, running from the Kansas border to US 30 in Lexington. The route is 95 kilometers long.

Travel directions

Between Beaver City and Norton, US 283 in Kansas enters the state from WaKeeney and then runs north through a flat area of ​​farmland. You cross the Beaver River here and after 30 kilometers you reach the village of Arapahoe, where you cross US 6, which is [[double-numbered with US 34. The road then heads north through a sparsely populated area and after about 60 kilometers reaches the Platte River, where it connects with Interstate 80. Shortly thereafter, in the town of Lexington, the road ends at US 30.


US 283 was added to the network in 1931, but did not go further north than Kansas at the time. During the 1930s, US 283 was slowly extended north through Kansas, but did not reach its terminus at Lexington, Nebraska, until 1941. The route is not of great importance within Nebraska.

Traffic intensities

The road is quite quiet with mostly about 1,500 vehicles per day.

Lincoln South Beltway

Get started Lincoln
End Lincoln
Length 11 mi
Length 17 km

The Lincoln South Beltway is a freeway under construction in the US state of Nebraska, which is to form the southern beltway of the capital Lincoln. The planned length is 17 kilometers.

Travel directions

The Lincoln South Beltway forms an east-west connection along the south and southeast sides of the city of Lincoln, between US 77 to the west and State Route 2 to the southeast. The highway has 2×2 lanes.


Lincoln’s southern bypass had been planned for decades. The procedures were carried out in the period 2017-2018. On December 20, 2019, the $352 million contract to construct the South Ring was awarded. Construction will be carried out between January 2020 and May 2023.

It is not yet known which road number the Lincoln South Beltway will have. The highway is not an extension of an existing road, such as State Route 33, which ends further south on US 77. However, State Route 2 would not be an illogical number because it starts in Lincoln and the urban section will be less important for through traffic after the South Beltway opens.

Lincoln South Beltway

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