Vatican City Culture

Vatican City Culture and Mass Media

Newspapers in Vatican City

The magazine L’Osservatore Romano (founded in 1861), since 1890 funded by the Vatican City, is published with six issues a week in Italian (about 20,000 copies, 1998) and has six weekly editions in different languages and one monthly edition in Polish (a total of about 100 000 ex.).

Radio Vaticana (founded 1931), since 1957 with transmitters outside the Vatican City (Santa Maria di Galeria), regularly broadcasts in 37 languages, including Swedish. Television programs are produced by the unit Centro Televisivo Vaticano, which was formed in 1983.


The Vatican City itself is of great cultural value. St. Peter’s Church and Sistine Chapel are a few examples of buildings filled with art treasures by sculptors and visual artists such as Botticelli, Bernini and Michelangelo. The Vatican Library and Vatican Museums have historically and culturally invaluable collections.

Mass media

The Vatican Radio (Radio Vaticana) spreads the Catholic Church’s message in over 40 different languages ​​(including Latin) across much of the world. The daily newspaper L’Osservatore Romano is published in Italian and has weekly or monthly editions in almost 10 other languages. Since 1983, the Vatican also has its own TV station that produces and distributes programs about the Pope and the Vatican City.

Vatican City Culture

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