Where to Go for the May Holidays

Where to Go for the May Holidays

Rest on the May holidays has already become a tradition. During this period, holidays and additional non-working days turn into holidays.

According to forecasts, due to the coronavirus pandemic, many countries are still imposing restrictions on the entry of tourists. However, despite the obstacles, you can always choose the direction that is ideal for a spring mini vacation.

Consider together where it is better to relax on the May holidays, if you have almost a week off at your disposal and you cannot miss the opportunity to spend time with benefit.

To make the trip successful, we offer popular cities and resorts where you can relax during the May holidays abroad.

Where to go for the May holidays at sea

In spring, the weather in Russia, Belarus and Ukraine is not conducive to a relaxing holiday at sea. A beach holiday for the May holidays at some foreign resorts will make dreams come true. So that a trip in the midst of a general vacation does not become “golden” for you, study the offers of travel agencies in advance, buy a tour or plane tickets in advance.

When deciding where to fly to the sea in May, it is worth considering the proposals of neighboring countries that are open to tourists and put forward minimum requirements for crossing borders. We suggest considering countries whose weather conditions are conducive to a good rest on the sea coast, and the flight time is short.


It is this country that the inhabitants of Russia, Ukraine and Belarus prefer when they decide where to go to the sea for May holidays. This region is considered the leader of the tourism industry. It is warm in Turkey in May, the average air temperature in Alanya, Side, Antalya, Kemer is 25°C, water – 20-23°C.

You can fly here by direct flight without transfers from many major cities of these countries. Visa is not needed. At the time of writing, entry will require a negative PCR test or vaccination certificate (children under 12 do not need).


Due to the limited choice of resorts during the pandemic, where to fly for the May holidays at sea without strict restrictions, Egypt has become one of the leaders in the beach-hotel route. May is a suitable month for sea holidays here. This region occupies a middle place in terms of climatic conditions between Turkey and the United Arab Emirates, as the air temperature is +30 °C, water – 24-26 °C.


Of all the countries where you can relax on the May holidays at sea, the United Arab Emirates is distinguished – a country with the highest skyscrapers and amazing service.

You can safely fly here in early May, as at this time the air temperature is +33 degrees, and the water is +28 °C. Traveling to this country will be a balanced option if you want to enjoy the sea as warm as fresh milk and see ultra-modern buildings, technological advances, luxury shops, entire complexes that are breathtaking.


Cyprus completes the list of available countries where to relax on the May holidays at sea. “Island of Love” is the name given to it by tourists who, while staying here, feel the romance of this place. Already at the end of spring it is warm in Cyprus, the water warms up to 23 ° C, and well-maintained beaches are aimed at both young people and couples with children.


The country of beach tourism is called this country. Choosing where to relax at sea in Spain, couples with children choose resorts located on the Mediterranean coast (Costa Dorada, Costa Blanca, Costa del Sol). In Spain, including the Balearic and Canary Islands, there are more than 450 free beaches that are considered municipal property. Tourists pay rent for sunbeds and umbrellas for an average of 2-3 euros / day.

Where to go without a visa for the May holidays

When choosing a short-term vacation, where to fly in May, it is important for vacationers to have a visa-free visa to a particular country. Georgia is a great place for the May holidays, where you can have a good rest, eat delicious food and sit in cozy cafes on open terraces. In Tbilisi, the temperature varies from +15 to +23 °C, in Batumi – +15-27 °C.

Another country where it is warm during the May holidays is Greece, which is the best suited for excursions. The sea warms up here to + 19 ° C, and the air temperature of +23 ° C is conducive to a comfortable walk to local attractions.

The visa-free regime and reasonable prices made the above countries in demand and popular among Russians, Belarusians and Ukrainians.

Open countries for Russians

  • Bulgaria.
  • Croatia.
  • Tunisia.
  • Greece.
  • Cyprus.
  • Georgia.
  • Egypt.
  • UAE.
  • Turkey.
  • Mexico.
  • Cuba.
  • Maldives.
  • Thailand.
  • Vietnam.

Where to fly for the May holidays inexpensively

Consider several travel destinations that do not require significant expenses for the family budget.


According to topschoolsintheusa, small but hospitable Montenegro is an ideal place where you can fly to the May holidays on your own. The holiday season starts in May and ends in October. Any town on the coast of the Bay of Kotor becomes an excellent choice for lovers of a relaxing holiday and decides where to relax in Montenegro. The fastest way to get to Montenegro is by plane. And the most inexpensive, but time-consuming is a car trip.


Poland is another country where you can fly cheaply on May holidays. Tours here are relatively inexpensive and involve complex routes to the largest cities in the country. When deciding where to go in Poland, choose to visit major cities: Warsaw, Wroclaw or Krakow, which reflect the medieval history of the country with its architecture and traditions of the Polish people.


Despite the fact that Armenia is landlocked, it is famous for its mountain landscapes (the most famous is Ararat), turbulent rivers, forests, deep caves and ravines. Located at an altitude of 1800 meters above sea level, this country has seven geographical zones. The best time to visit Armenia is the end of April – the beginning of October, when the average air temperature is + 25 °C.

To save travel costs, we recommend:

  • Buy tickets in advance through low-cost airlines.
  • Book accommodation yourself through Booking or Airbnb closer to the city center so that you don’t spend extra on transport and travel time to attractions. Choosing an apartment with a kitchenette, you can cook breakfast and dinner on your own, and dine in the city.

When organizing a holiday on your own, do not forget about medical travel insurance, which should be purchased for all vacationers.

Where to relax on the May holidays, if you are not a fan of a beach holiday

Our preferences differ: some think where to go for the May holidays for a beach holiday, others prefer excursions, sightseeing, gastronomic trips that introduce local cuisine and national traditions.

We offer several interesting options where you can fly to rest for the May holidays in Europe not across the sea and sand.


It is comfortable in Prague in May, as the average air temperature is +19 °C. In spring, museums, castles and other attractions open their doors for tourists. This is a good time for excursions, walks along the streets of the city and the famous Charles Bridge.

The observation deck on the Zizkov TV tower will offer a beautiful view of spring Prague. Atmospheric cafes of the Czech capital offer a cup of hot coffee with dessert. Beer lovers will appreciate the taste and a huge number of varieties of low-alcohol drink, the quality of which is valued all over the world.


Holidays in Istanbul are temples, fabulous palaces, mosques, markets with numerous merchants of oriental dishes. In early May, the air warms up to + 22 ° C, the sea is still cold. But this does not prevent tourists from enjoying the blooming Istanbul parks and local color, admiring the Golden Horn from the Galata Bridge, and taking boat trips along the Bosphorus. Fairs, folk festivals, concerts are held in different parts of Istanbul, which will be another bonus of pleasant impressions on such a short vacation.


We recommend choosing the city of love and eternal classics – Paris, where you can fly to relax on the May holidays. The weather during this period is changeable, but it does not hurt to feel the romantic spirit of the city. In May, the flower beds in the French capital turn into a multi-colored flower garden, and the boulevards rage with the greenery of trees and flowering chestnuts.

Include walks in the Luxembourg Gardens, the Bois de Boulogne, and visit the famous cafes where Hemingway and Fitzgerald liked to spend time.


Visiting Amsterdam in May is suitable for sightseeing tours. At this time, there is little rain here, and the air warms up to +16 ° C during the day. Walking around this city, tourists are impressed by the facades of old mansions, and legends are made about the stunning blooming Dutch tulips in Keukenhof Park. The capital of the Kingdom of the Netherlands is associated with freedom and a culture unfamiliar to Russians. A few days are enough to admire the numerous museums, parks, modern buildings and get a lot of positive emotions.


The arrival of a full-fledged Mediterranean summer is already felt in the air of the capital of Greece in May, when establishments work until late at night, and seasonal sales help tourists combine business with pleasure. The thermometer during the day reaches +25 ° C, and in the evening and at night it is cooler (+15 ° C), moreover, rains this season are very rare.

There is still no large influx of tourists for the May holidays, so prices are 20% lower than in the “hot” season of July and August.

The rise in prices practically does not affect the cost of food, tickets for public transport, entrance to architectural monuments of the country’s historical heritage. But, even with a seasonal increase in prices, vacations abroad for the May holidays in the Greek capital are considered the most budgetary compared to Amsterdam and Paris.

Before the trip, study the offers of tour operators on the route you are interested in, compare the prices for tours and the costs of organizing a holiday on your own. The latter option may be the more economical option for travelling, but this is not always the case. Sometimes a budget tour that covers flights and accommodation costs less money. And do not forget to find out the current requirements for the entry of tourists on the official websites of the host country or your country.

Where to Go for the May Holidays

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