Wild Women: Editorial With Pin-Ups Of The Universe Retro Celebrates

Wild Women: Editorial With Pin-Ups Of The Universe Retro Celebrates
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Recently, the cosmetics brand Sailor Jack invited Retro oUniverso for a photo shoot in the barbershop of Vava, in Jundiaí, São Paulo. Produced by the House of Creativity, the initial idea of the editorial was to gather some Pin-Ups to introduce the new packaging of the retro brand products such as pomades, shampoos and oils for beard. However, the project ended up extending and gaining other approaches.

Wild Women Editorial With Pin-Ups Of The Universe Retro Celebrates 2
In addition to the photos, which may be conferred on the Sailor Jack on Facebook, we take this opportunity to highlight the importance of women’s Union on vintage scene, a theme that there are times we would like to address here and has everything to do with the following images. Thus, through the lens of photographer Pablo Zanella, editorial was born Wild Women (inspired by the music of Imelda May), in which four women who met within the rocker show the importance of the scene could massively male and sometimes competitive between the girls.

Featuring Barber John Paul Demarco, Miss Daisy (Daisy Adams), Red Maddox (Dania Nunciatelli), Miss de-lovely (Mirella Fonzar) and Miss Belle (Isabela Mantovani) embody a gang of girls in the years 1950, with melee weapons such as baseball bats, knives, scissors and the like, on behalf of the Group of friends, showing that the female gender of fragile has nothing. The costume has pencil skirts (traditional, slotted and sirens) and highlights the curves of each of them, betting in pieces in shades of red, wine, black and animal print.

In the photos you can see the attitude and strength of the rockers of the past by mixing subtly to the grace and femininity of Pin-ups, that carry the banner of female empowerment emblazoned in the style they chose for themselves. As much as the Pin-ups are not directly linked to feminism, the mere fact that adhere to a style that goes against the standards set by society, by itself, is already a way to empower themselves, and this has nothing to do with politics on one side or the other. It has to do with being a woman and get your space in society.

Wild Women Editorial With Pin-Ups Of The Universe Retro Celebrates
That’s why we believe in the importance of addressing the topic could between the Pin-Ups/Rockers. For those who are not familiar with the term, the origin of the word comes from the Latin “sor” meaning sisters. Call it the Alliance between women, based on empathy and fellowship, in pursuit of common goals. So since all we share the same tastes in fashion, music and lifestyle of the past, why don’t we unite to strengthen even more the feminine vintage scene?

The concept of sisters» consists of the prior judgment not among the women themselves who, for the most part, without even realizing, help strengthen stereotypes created by a sexist and patriarchal society. Without the idea of “brotherhood” between us, the female presence in the rocker/retro movement can begin to lose strength, when, in reality, could win significant proportions and even more space and visibility.
Imagine that amazing would be if all the women in the scene really embraced this Union, sharing ideas, knowledge and applaud each other, rather than to judge or criticize a cool initiative, for example? From the moment that we recognize and respect the differences among women, it becomes possible to have a super smooth coexistence in the environment which is inclusive in any tribe. Definitely, it is much easier to ensure respect and equality when there’s Union for the same purposes.


Didn’t like the clothes that little friend? That’s no reason for it to become your mortal enemy. The roomie can’t make the outlined kitten as you do? Share your knowledge of makeup; It doesn’t hurt. There was a rockabilly band just girls? Go to the show before criticizing without even listening. Give a chance to the initiatives taken by women. In short: could start when we practise tolerance, respect and above all empathy. The brotherhood is a consequence. But, you can be sure that she is born naturally after that.

A little about each of these powerful women:

Miss Daisy (Daisy Adams)
Victor Alves, is creator of the portal Universe retro, the Agency House of Creativity and blog MenteFlutuante retro. In love also for music, literature, cinema and photography, likes to travel and see the world with your own eyes. Admiring the retro as the rescue of something valuable that has been lost over time.

Red Maddox (Dania Nunciatelli)
Red Maddox is the alias of Dani Nunciatelli. Portuguese teacher and pin-up model PMM Group Brazil (Pink Mink Mafia) is a pin-up girl who loves music and everything related to decades of 1930 to 1960. Inspired by the cowgirls of Gil Elvgren, is passionate about western culture. Goldie Hill, Rose Maddox, Patsy Cline and Wanda Jackson are some examples of your inspiration.

Wild Women Editorial With Pin-Ups Of The Universe Retro Celebrates 3
Miss De-lovely (Mirella Fonzar)
Miss de-lovely is the codename of Pin-Up of journalist Mirella Fonzar, founder of the portal Universe retro, the blog and channel Missde-lovely and digital marketing agency House of Creativity. Addicted to everything that comes from the past, collect records, old school tattoos and lipsticks. Is in love with Rockabilly, Blues and Jazz.

Miss Belle (Isabela Mantovani)
Miss Belle is the name of Pin-up of Isabela Mantovani, who emerged from years of a passion for time which believes belong to heart. By always see in the movies, in photo, in fashion and in a music style and an aesthetic that the unhappy, eventually immersing in this universe. Inspired by the years 40 and 50, is a fan of rock, blues, soul and R ‘n b. Besides dancing, connected to both the decades, that incorporated in your everyday style; usually by the hair, makeup,clothes and especially for listening soundtrack.