With Slow Jo a Relaxed Look at the Passage of Time

With Slow Jo a Relaxed Look at the Passage of Time
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Does time slow? With a look at the new collection of slow watches, one could almost get this impression. A single pointer indicates the cycle in a 24-hour interval, plane symmetry, there is. There’s no frills, no playful detail, only simple elegance. Entirely in black, with Italian calf leather strap and the timer in the army look or all of stainless steel, brushed, the range of expressions is wide gold on Brown or silver with black background -, the concept of the same.

Soft leather and metal for everyday use in the urban jungle or the adventure in the wild nature, slow watches appear all time reliable and robust, especially in dangerous situations, which could well use something calming to frayed nerves. A stealthy look, and the old laxity is restored. Who doesn’t like leather and abhors metal chains, accessible also to nylon. Then it is sporty, the sporting spirit is in shorts and a T-Shirt not less clearly expressed as in the knitterfreien suit. Hundred meters deep you can dive off it, the silver stainless steel case is guaranteed non-rusting and nearly square: 38 x 42.5 mm and 8,2 mm thick; It weighs 67 g. extra hardened reflected the mineral glass on cream-colored dial with silver hands. The black nylon strap has wrists highest 195 mm size, the battery will last 45 months.

A Swiss watch that 505.24 H, designed for the operation of four hands and the date display Ronda caliber GMT, focused now on the one hand, the logo is missing himself. Real substance, so the opinion of the manufacturer, requires no Namensschildchens. And for admirers, which are characterized by a bad name memory, it is stamped on the back of the enclosure in discreet packaging as a constant reminder. The Division of the dial makes more relaxed approach. Only the exact expiration of a quarter of an hour is beyond doubt to recognize the gaps are dependent on the estimate.

With a little practice can be measured even the seconds it, but: who wants it? Time setting, the Crown is pulled out until it stops and then again latched, so that nothing can penetrate. The distinctive shape of the grip housing is the compelling results of a lengthy selection process of that has coped with the Summit storm thus. From all angles as you look at it and applies it acts perfectly evenly. The watch glass towers above it slightly raised, so the vintage look comes to his right. Reflexes are locked out by the coating, the shiny back is plain and simply eight-fold screwed.